About Us

Carelife Direct is an innovative practice focused on providing direct and concierge level care access for primary care (in person or via telehealth), wellness content and coaching with ability to self-monitor, as well as, convenient way to chat or video-call with nurse-level coordinators who can help with symptom guidance through a dedicated Carelife App.

It is led by licensed medical providers, through Carelife Clinical Services PC, who have tremendous experience and expertise dealing with ailments related to basic primary care as well as general health and wellness evaluations and treatments.

Welcoming both adult men & women, extending from teenage to silver years, the team engages each member with utmost attention in order to wisely guide the person by reviewing and recommending options for what they may desire. As health is more than disease management and should also focus on well-being, Carelife Direct aim's to democratize access to not only primary care but provide easy and accessible means to achieve wellness and the ability to groom healthy habits.

To enhance the healthcare experience and ease, Carelife Direct has launched its own Health & Wellness App backed with a 24/7 Nursing Level Coordinators and Telehealth - offering our members a convenient way to get assistance in triaging their symptoms and ailments - care team at your finger tips! We are extremely excited and feel this will go a long ways towards healthcare access on-the-go.